Wondering what is out there for physicians other than clinical work? Have you been searching for something more fulfilling? At MDXS, we know that physician burnout is real and that you deserve better. Physicians will be able to enrich their lives by supplementing their careers with opportunities that are innovative and stimulating.


    You want financial independence. You are interested in exploring investment opportunities that are right for you. Our unique membership ecosystem of physician “accredited investors,” introduces members to unique business and investment opportunities that otherwise would not be made available to individual investors.


    As a Canadian physician, you want to connect with like-minded colleagues who are living and working in the same environment as you. Being an MDXS member allows you to join the community, ask for help, give support, and have meaningful discussions. The discussion forum is guided by members and moderated by MDXS leadership.


Canadian Physician Community

We are founded by physicians who share your frustration from today’s political climate that has resulted in physician burnout and financial insecurity.

  • Why Join?

    • You are ready for a change
    • You want to explore new job opportunities
    • You want to explore new income streams
    • You want to improve your practice
    • But most of all you want to true happiness by
      walking through an exit door
  • What We Offer?

    • An exclusive private community forum of physicians only
    • An exclusive list of investment opportunities
    • An exclusive list of job opportunities including side-gigs and full exits
    • A marketplace for services geared exclusively for physicians
    • A panel of experts who can help you make the right changes for your professional life.

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