MDXS Four-Step Investment Criteria Process:

MDXS welcomes applications from companies seeking investment.
We review investment applications on a rolling basis.

  • 01. Review

    Upon initial review, we forward selected candidates to relevant MDXS member-specialists for detailed technical and business evaluation.

  • 02. Evaluation

    We invite those companies receiving positive evaluations to complete a due diligence questionnaire and provide such additional material, as required.

  • 03. Negotiate

    Assuming acceptable terms are negotiated, we disseminate the offering to our members. Following submission, we aggregate member interest and allow members to submit questions to the company via MDXS. In addition, MDXS will coordinate webinars and calls between interested members and the senior executives of the business.

  • 04. Offer

    We aggregate investments from MDXS members in a single-purpose LLP. Closings generally occur within approximately 60 days following our submission of the offering to members.

Investment Application

  • MDXS welcomes applications from companies seeking investment.

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx.
    Please upload a slide deck presentation (Pdf or PowerPoint presentation only)