• Why Invest With MDXS?

    • High yield investment opportunities
    • Opportunity to invest in high growth early-stage companies
    • Access to investment experts who will provide additional comprehensive due diligence on each investment opportunity if applicable
    • With our pooled member resources we gain access to unique high end business opportunities that otherwise would not be made available to individual investors

  • What kind of companies does MDXS partner with?

    MDXS selects Canadian companies with an experienced and proven management team that have demonstrated creative intelligence and a proven strong competitive advantage in their respective industries. Successful companies that pass through our rigorous due diligence process and are brought to our members will not only seek to dominate the Canadian market but have the ability and vision to expand globally and become multinational entities.

MDXS has partnered with an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) Asset Management organization that is responsible for all KYC and KYP due diligence as required under applicable securities law. The organization is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as a Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer.

  • MDXS investment opportunities are only open to members who are deemed Accredited investors as defined by their Provincial Securities Commission in NI 45-106. Members must meet specific requirements to be eligible to invest in exempt securities that often come with higher risks.

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